If your event is held on public land or on council land, you will need public liability insurance. The relevant council will be able to provide details of their requirements.

Your organisation may already have public liability insurance for other activities, but you may need to increase your cover for the event. Check with your insurer. The amount of cover you need should be specified in your agreement with the owner of the land or venue that you are using for your event.

Insurance cover for rides and entertainment

If you are engaging other individuals or organisations, e.g. entertainers providing rides or other entertainment at the event, you should check that their insurance is in order. It may be a condition of your agreement to use the land or venue that all parties providing entertainment are covered – read your agreement for details. To be sure that these third parties comply with the insurance requirements, you can ask them to provide copies of the insurance certificates for your records.

Insuring workers at the event

If you have volunteers, employees or independent contractors working for your organisation at the event they should be insured.

  • volunteers: ensure you have personal accident insurance for your volunteers
  • employees: make sure your WorkSafe Injury insurance is up to date and that you have enough cover
  • independent contractors: check the agreements you have in place with your independent contractors. These agreements should specify the cover you need your independent contractors to have in place.
    Note: this also applies to musicians or other entertainers. Make sure your contract with third parties is clear about their obligation to take out insurance and the level of cover your organisation requires them to have in place.

Insuring against problems caused by food you serve

Your public liability insurance is unlikely to cover your organisation if there is an injury resulting from the food you serve, for example if the food causes illness or if you’ve been negligent in handling it. You may need Product Liability Insurance. Check with your insurer.

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