Checklist for running an event

This checklist is a quick reference guide to the common regulatory and compliance requirements that should be considered when planning your event.


  • If your event requires a street closure you will need to make an application through your local council. See Road closures on our Event permits page.
  • If you’re running an event on public land or council land, you might need to notify the local council or obtain a permit.  You may also need to have a certain level of public liability insurance. Contact your local council for more information.
  • If your event is being held in leased or hired premises, check that the venue has sufficient public liability insurance and if there are any special conditions.
  • Check that the venue or location is accessible for people with a disability, including wheelchair access and an accessible toilet. See Inclusive public events on the Department of Human Services website for more information.


  • If your event is to raise money for your organisation or another cause, you may need to be registered as a fundraiser. Some organisations can apply for an exemption. See Registering as a fundraiser on our Fundraising registration and permits page.
  • Tax considerations may apply to fundraising at your event.  Donations and contributions are treated differently, and you may be required to pay GST if you are selling tickets to your event. See our Fundraising and tax page for more information.

Event activities

  • Consider the accessibility of your event for people with a disability, such as clear signage and captions on videos. See Inclusive public events on the Department of Human Services website for more information.
  • If your event will include games of chance or gaming activities such as bingo, a raffle or casino games, you may need to be registered and have a permit. See our Gaming and games of chance page.
  • Activities such as music, fireworks displays or collecting funds in public spaces, at road intersections or on footpaths will probably need a permit. See our Event permits and Fundraising registration pages.
  • If you will have third party contractors providing rides or other forms of entertainment at your event, make sure their insurance is in order. See our Event insurance page for more information.
  • If you’re running a sporting event on ANZAC day, you should be aware that there are restrictions around playing sports of any kind before 1pm on ANZAC Day. See Playing Sport on ANZAC Day for information and links.

Food and alcohol

  • If you are planning to serve or sell food or alcohol at the event, make sure you have the correct permits. See Event permits for more information. 
  • If you're selling food, consider taking out product liability insurance which will protect you in the event that someone is injured or becomes ill as a result of eating the food provided by your organisation. See our Event insurance page for more information.

Marketing and promotions

  • Check that you have permission to use material such as photographs, video and text you incorporate into your marketing materials, promotional messages, newsletters, websites and flyers. You may need permission from the copyright owner for materials created by someone else. See Permissions and copyright on our Copyright, permissions and privacy page for information about your obligations.

Taking pictures and video

  • If you plan to take pictures at or film your event and use the images or video in a public forum (such as a website, brochure or poster) you may need to seek permission from the people who appear and are recognisable in the content. See Privacy laws on our Copyright, permissions and privacy page for more detailed information about privacy.

Workers, including volunteers


  • Check that your organisation's insurance is up to date well before the event. If you’re unsure, seek professional advice about the insurance you need.

    Investigate Public Liability Insurance, Directors Insurance, WorkCover (for employees and other workers), Personal Accident Insurance (for volunteers), and Product Liability Insurance (if you are selling food or goods at your event).
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