Meetings and constitutional obligations

All incorporated Not For Profit groups will have a governing constitution or a set of rules that set out how the organisation is run, such as meetings, membership records, electing committee members and even resolving disputes.

Depending on your legal structure, this document may take a different form and some requirements may be governed by legislation.

Incorporated associations

The information you need about meetings including annual general meeting and committee meetings will be in your association rules. Model rules are available from Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV).

Other information, including how to make changes and your obligations to submit an annual report is available on the Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) website.

Companies limited by guarantee

Refer to the rules or constitution of your organisation to find out what your legal obligations are. When you set up the organisation you would have selected to have either a constitution, a set of replaceable rules or a combination of both.

Other information about officeholder duties and how to make changes to your organisation details are available on the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) website.


Information about meetings, records, membership, changes and disputes should all be in the rules of your co-operative.

Other information about aspects of running a co-operative, including annual reports and how to change the details of your co-operative is available on the Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) website.

Indigenous corporations

Information about members, meetings, directors, contact person, records, funds and dispute resolution is in the organisation's rule book.

Other information on reports, changing rules and corporate governance is available on the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) website.


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