Governance Capability Framework

The Community Sector Governance Capability Framework describes the broad capabilities required by people on Boards or Committees of Management in community sector organisations.

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About the Framework

The Framework can assist Not For Profit organisations understand the knowledge and skills that are critical for the stewardship of an organisation, including the additional capabilities needed for the Office Bearer roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

It provides board or committee members with a common language for reviewing performance and capabilities, identifying skills gaps, and recruiting new board members.

The Governance Capability Framework has also been designed so that organisations can adapt it to their specific needs.

Governance Capability Framework Toolkit

Includes a description of the governance capabilities and how they might be used in board reviews, learning and development, and board recruitment.

Case studies

These organisations have implemented components of the Governance Capability Framework and have agreed to share their experience in the case studies below.

The organisations were selected for their diversity to demonstrate the Framework’s application to Not For Profit organisations, large and small, providing services to a cross section of Victorians.

Facilitator’s guide

To support the Framework, resources have been developed for use by a facilitator to coordinate and assist in a review of governance capabilities.

Further Information

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