Which Acts and Regulations apply to our Not For Profit?

Incorporated Not For Profits are all regulated by an Act and associated regulations. They will all have a regulatory authority (e.g. Consumer Affairs or ASIC) with which you will register and to which you will report and notify changes to your organisation.

Sector-specific regulations

Understanding sector-specific (e.g. housing or education) regulatory compliance obligations is important when starting a Not For Profit. Check the Your Not For Profit section for information about regulatory obligations for Not For Profit in a particular sector

Working with people

Whether your organisation works only with volunteers or hires staff, you have obligations to ensure they are safe and treated properly. Boards of management, committees and directors all have obligations that they should be aware of. See Managing people for information about your obligations in this area.

Finances and tax

You will need to understand your organisation’s obligations around tax and financial reporting. These obligations will vary depending on your legal structure and other factors. See Managing your finances for information about your tax and financial reporting obligations.

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