What legal structure should we incorporate with?

There is no simple answer to this question. The legal structure you choose for incorporating your Not For Profit may depend on:

  • Where your organisation will be operating (conducting activities or providing services) – for example, in your local area, in Victoria widely or in multiple States and Territories.
  • Your planned activities and services.
  • How many members it will have, and the types of members – for example, voting or non-voting members.
  • The estimated size and revenue of your organisation, and its capacity to meet reporting obligations.

Our Choosing a legal structure page has more information on the options available.

You may wish to seek your own professional advice when determining the right legal structure for your organisation.


Further Information

  • the legal structure you choose will determine the requirements for incorporating your Not For Profit and how your organisation will be run.

  • for a summary of the reporting and auditing requirements based on legal structure and annual revenue.

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