Can my organisation access discounts from suppliers because we are a Not For Profit?

Some suppliers offer discounts to Not For Profits but they may ask you to provide evidence that you are an official Not For Profit organisation before they will give the discount.

Registration as a charity or endorsement by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) as a tax concession charity, income tax exempt fund or deductible gift recipient is often the kind of evidence suppliers need.

If your organisation is not a registered charity or has not received endorsement from the ATO, other evidence of your Not For Profit status include your organisation's:

  • registration with other regulatory bodies, such as Consumer Affairs Victoria, that require an organisation to be a Not For Profit
  • rules of association (for incorporated associations)
  • constitution (for companies limited by guarantee)
  • rules (for co-operatives)
  • rule book (for indigenous organisations)


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