About the sector

The Not For Profit sector in Victoria is extremely diverse and includes a wide variety of organisations. These organisations are made up of providers of community services such as health, housing, education, aged care, child care and other welfare services.

In addition to delivering these key community services, Not For Profit activities span areas such as culture (e.g. arts and historical societies), sporting and recreational activities, environment, research, law, advocacy, philanthropy, professional associations and unions.

The Not For Profit sector plays a vital role in the Victorian community, providing community services and opportunities for participation and social inclusion. Members of the community are often actively involved in Not For Profit organisations, either as members, donors, paid employees or as volunteers.

Victoria has approximately 140,000 Not For Profit organisations including approximately 40,000 registered organisations. Approximately a third of all adult Victorians volunteer with a Not For Profit organisation.

The value of volunteer contributions to Victoria is significant; in 2002 this contribution was estimated at $10 billion, or 8 per cent of the Gross State Product.
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